About me

Hi! I’m Andrew Hirst. I was one of two PhD students working on the AHRC project “Method in Philosophical Aesthetics: The challenge from the sciences” (website). I completed my PhD in 2013. I’m primarily interested in the intersections between cognitive science, evolutionary theory, philosophy and anthropology, and how combining insights from across these disciplines can help us better understand the human mind.

After completing my PhD I worked in the Civil Service for a few years, before deciding to pack it all in and develop a video game and focus on my writing.


  1. Hi there!

    So you’re the phd for the aesthetic cognition project. I did my Phd with Greg from 2003-2007 on emotions and music. Hope it all goes well for you.

  2. Nice Blog will keep checking in every now and again. I also did my PhD with Greg just after Tom. Mine was more on visual imagery as the simulation of vision and whether it is a locally generated phenomenal state (like visual perception). Good luck with the PhD and Blog. Cheers, Pete

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